Spring is for the Birds

While visiting my little Songbird, I’m sure I read The Best Nest, by P.D. Eastman, at least three dozen times to her. Mrs. Bird is quite unhappy with her nest and wants a new one. After several unsuccessful attempts at making a home in new locations, she ends up back at her original nest, singing that it’s the best nest for her new egg to hatch in. If you haven’t read it, you should. The real story is more fun than my description, and the illustrations are great. Even though it’s a children’s story, you might learn something to apply to your own life as well.Best Nest

Yesterday I was busy cleaning out the front flower bed at our house and trimming wildly overgrown vines. I uncovered a nest built in previous years. Shortly after I finished, I noticed a cardinal checking out the nest. I jokingly said she was trying to find The Best Nest. She came back to the nest several times.

To my surprise, this is what I found this morning!Cardinal Eggs in NestShe did not waste any time! Since the nest is located on the front porch, Mrs. Bird flies off when we open the door. So trying to take a picture of her on the nest from the office window is a little hard with a simple camera. I can watch her while sitting at my computer. The eggs should hatch in about 13 days. The grandkids can’t wait to see the new babies!Cardinal in Nest

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