Start a Hobby: Crochet or Knit

Thoroughly Thrifty ThursdayI learned how to crochet from my mom and grandma when I was a little girl. I didn’t get much past dishcloths at that point. While I was in college, crochet became a big thing among some of my fellow students. It was pretty common to see a group sitting together at the cafeteria or the dorm lounge areas with at least one or two people making scarves–and guys were among them. My roommate and I decided to get into it, somewhat motivated by the need for christmas presents for our family and a lack of funds. It would be a scarf Christmas that year! Since then, I have moved beyond the scarves to blankets, hats, toys, etc. I even started a business for my crochet creations a few years ago–Nia Bug Designs.

My sister taught me how to knit a few years ago, and after much practice with small blanket lovies and dishcloths, I just moved on to headbands last Christmas. It’s nice to go back and forth between knitting and crocheting because they use different muscles I think. It helps keep my hands from getting overworked with just one motion.

Crochet and/or knitting are great hobbies to start because they require such a small amount of equipment. If you have a small budget and a small space, all you need is a bag to keep all your supplies together. No need for large cabinets of space (unless you become a yarnaholic like me).

These are the basic supplies you need to crochet:

  • Yarn (worsted weight light colored acrylic or cotton is a good place to start) $2-5
  • Aluminum Crochet Hook (Size G or H are good basic sizes) $2
  • Small Scissors $2
  • Tapestry Needle (I recommend aluminum over the plastic) $4

Total approximate start up cost for Crochet: $10-$13

Crochet Basic Tools

Get started learning how to crochet by watching videos and reading these instructions. And practice! Don’t give up! You’ll get it.

Eventually, as you get into making hats and toys and such, these stitch markers are helpful in keeping track of your rows.

Ring Stitch Count Tools

Stitch markers are helpful for crochet and knitting. They cost about $2

Here are the basic supplies for knitting:

  • Yarn (worsted weight acrylic or cotton yarn) $2-5
  • Knitting needles size 8 (Circular needles–I like the ones that are attached because you can’t lose one! Also they help if you are doing a large project because it stays on the needles easier) $5-7
  • Small Scissors $2
  • Tapestry needle $4

Total approximate start up cost for knitting: $13-$18

Knitting Basic Tools

Here are some videos and instructions for learning how to knit.

As you get the techniques mastered and are ready for some projects beyond scarves and dishcloths, is a great place to get patterns in all ranges of difficulty.

For my project bags, I use the packages that most sheets come in. They protect your project as well as keep all your tools together in one spot for easy transportation.

Yarn Project


Happy knitting, crocheting, and creating!

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