Stitched Greeting Cards

A few posts ago, I shared about some stitched designs on card stock that I painted with gelatos for a Documented Life Project challenge. Here is one of the designs.Stitched painting with GellatosI later needed to make a card and decided to coat the back of the stitched and painted papers with a thin layer of mod podge to hold the threads in place. The front of the stitched paper could also be mod podged, but would change the look of the design.Mod Podge Back Stitch CardWhen I cut the stitched papers, the threads stayed put. I made a couple of cards using strips of stitched and painted paper.Stitched CardStitched Card

Sometimes when we create, we don’t always know what to do with the finished pieces. Look at some of your art work and see if there is a way to repurpose some of what you have created. Perhaps there is only a portion of a picture you’ve drawn or painted that you really like. Cut out that portion and use it on a card or incorporate it into a mixed media project. You may be surprised to see what you can create using art you have already created.


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