Sweater to Leg Warmers and Scarf Transformation

Before the kids came home for Christmas, I packed up most of the sewing/craft room to make room for it to be used as a bedroom again. I did not figure I would have much time for projects anyway! But as you read yesterday, I turned my daughter’s thin maternity coat into a warmer coat (but most of that I was able to do by hand.)

She did bring another project for me to do which I finally got to just before they left. It was a quick project to make an old thick sweater of hers into leg warmers for her daughter. Of course I started cutting it up before I remembered to take pictures! So this is what the top part looked like with the sleeves:part of sweater topOut of the lower part of the sweater I cut two pieces that would fit my granddaughter’s legs when each was seamed together. The length from the bottom of the sweater to the edge I cut off at the bodice was just the right length for her legs. I made the width of the warmers wider at the thighs than at the ankles. After sewing a straight stitch seam, I zig zagged the seam and turned right side out. The bottom edge of the sweater made a nice finished edge for the top of the warmers.  Since the warmers at the ankles were unfinished edges, I also zig zagged around the bottom edges. They needed a finishing touch and I sewed some ruffled lace around each warmer at the ankle.leg warmersleg warmers with lace

They fit her perfectly and she wore them the rest of the day!Leg Warmers from SweaterThe top of the sweater looked like it was begging to be made into a scarf. So I cut it out and sewed it to a piece of flannel. It wraps twice around her neck and is very cozy.scarf from sweaterI have another set of leg warmers for Miss Tickles from the rest of the bottom part of the sweater. Now I still have two short sleeves left…what to make?


Sweater to Leg Warmers and Scarf Transformation — 2 Comments

    • Kellie, since I made that a year and a half ago I don’t remember what the measurements were and the scarf is not with me. I would make a guess it was about 6-8 inches wide.