Sweatshirt to Slippers Transformation

Not sure how many years I’ve had these slippers but they are old. They are worn very thin and not doing a good job this winter of keeping my feet warm.Old SlippersBuying new slippers right now is not on my priority list, so I decided to take one of these apart and use it for a pattern to make a new pair of slippers. Slipper pieces for patternI wasn’t wearing this bright pink sweatshirt any more, so it became fabric from which to cut my slipper pattern pieces.SweatshirtI also had on hand some Insul-Bright fabric which can be used for clothing, home decor, hot pads– basically anything with fabric that needs a layer of insulation. I cut a piece of this for insulation in the middle of each slipper bottom to protect my feet from the cold tile floors.liningFor the soles, I cut a layer of sweatshirt fabric, Insul-Bright and imitation fleece fabric left from a project. The rest of the slipper was fleece fabric and sweatshirt fabric. I don’t think my sewing machine could have handled any more layers. I finally got them sewn together and my feet are toasty warm.New SlippersSlippers

Have you transformed an article of clothing lately? Before you get rid of a garment, be creative and ask yourself what else it might become and recycle by transforming it into something new and useful to you.

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