The Art of Inspiration

Inspiration is not always something that naturally begins within us.

Do you often feel stuck when it comes to starting a project?

Do you stare blankly at the page or fabric and feel absolutely uncreative?

Just because you feel this way does not mean you lack creativity within yourself. It just means you haven’t learned the art of inspiration.

Blank Page

The definition of “inspiration” is. . .
1. An inspiring or animated action or influence
2. Something inspired, as an idea
3. A result of inspired captivity

After reading these definitions, I came to understand that inspiration isn’t always a spontaneous thing. Sometimes some kind of activity is required.

If you look at the definition of “inspired,” it says it is aroused by a divine influence. It’s supernatural. That means it’s not all about YOU!

Inspiration can come as easily as an idea popping into your head. But sometimes, it requires you taking an action step. Sometimes it takes inspiration from God. You don’t have to rely solely on what YOU believe your abilities to be. Trust that what God placed in you is creative and then take a step towards discovering what brings that creativity out of you.

Each and every one of us has a different way that strikes our inspiration. You just might need to try a different method to discover yours.

Lake Inspirations

During this last year as mom and I have pursued creativity in a greater way, I have realized that it can happen in different ways for me. The more I give myself opportunity for inspiration to occur, the more I learn about what most often works best for me.

When I am feeling stuck, I often try to find or think of a particular word or quote to help give me a launching point. Words are inspirational to me because that is what I enjoy most. I love to read, and I love to write. Even though my projects aren’t always word related, thinking of a word that my project can represent gives me a place to start. If I get stuck, I just start writing or read something that interests me, and I can usually figure out something from there.

Your inspiration might be music. It might be looking at nature or pictures.
Never let yourself become so stuck that you can’t move forward. Inspiration is just an inspired activity away. Go for a walk. Turn on some music. Browse Pinterest. Do whatever it is that gets your mind out of its rut.

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