The Color Wheel

Week 3 of the Documented Life Project challenge was” The Color Wheel” and the journal prompt was “I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way…” by Georgia O’Keeffe.

When my kids were young we did a project with the color wheel that involved cutting out pieces of magazine pictures to make a color wheel. I don’t remember what they thought of it, but I knew I had a good time. I decided to use that same process again for this challenge. I cut pie wedge shape pieces from magazine pictures in the colors I needed for my color wheel. In the process I also found a picture of some very colorful tiny umbrellas which I cut into circles. For the first layer on my page, I lightly drew several circles with pencil. Then I painted each circle one at a time with plain water and added two primary colors of watercolor to each circle for the colors to blend. When that dried, I glued my wedge shaped pieces into a color wheel pie and added the umbrella circles. I also cut and glued some text words from magazines and then added black and white doodle lines.

Color Wheel  Multimedia Collage DLP


I cut out color from magazines and arranged them to represent my “color wheel.” Then I drew my letters on white card stock with colored pencils and cut and glued them to the page.

Color Wheel DLP


My Princess:
Grandma helped the kids learn how to mix the primary colors together to make a color wheel. They colored each circle separately with acrylics and after the circles were dry had to remember what they mixed together to put the color wheel in the correct order to glue in place.

Color Wheel

Ninja Boy:

Color Wheel


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