Transform It: From Jacket to Purse

A few months ago I bought this jacket at a thrift store. It was a Jr. size so it would not fit anyone around here. But it had some unique features and I figured we could transform it into something else. jacketSince we have not done a “transform it” project for a while, I was ready to tackle the jacket this week. The problem was in deciding how to do it. So I followed Melinda’s advice, “Don’t be afraid of scissors. Sometimes you can’t see the potential until you make the first cut.” I made a bunch of cuts!jacket pieces cut upIt was easier to play around with the cut pieces to come up with a plan. I added print fabric from my stash to accent the denim as well as line the bag. Here is what this jacket transformed into:
Jacket transformed to Purse

Quilted Purse Flap

Added quilting stitches with embroidery floss around some of the fabric design

Back of PurseInside of purseJacket transformed to purseThere are still some useable pieces left (like a long zipper) that can be used on another project. left over pieces

What transformation projects have you been working on?


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  1. This is a great idea! I love the pretty print to accent & line the purse! You are so talented!!!!