Back to School: Transform to a Backpack

Transform it Tuesday

Back to school is coming up for most people. Lot’s of back to school shopping happening in town last weekend. Since we are homeschooling, we haven’t really done any shopping for back to school supplies but we are getting into thoughts of school. Today, Backpacks are on the brain!

My Princess’ 4th birthday is just a month away, so I have been trying to think of what to give her. Since we will be traveling a lot in the near future, I have been wanting to get/make some bags for my kids to put their toys in for the car. They have backpack’s for dance and piano stuff, but I wanted something specifically for traveling.

A friend gave me some of her daughter’s hand me down clothes. Most of them will still be too big for her for the next couple years, but there was a jean skirt that was just too cute to pass up. I knew she would love the pink and sparkly detail.

Skirt Before Transformation

Decoration on skirt

When I pulled it out the other day, all I could see was an adorable bag. I set out to make that a reality. I kept thinking of the drawstring backpacks that are popular especially for sports stuff.

Backpack transformed from skirtI sewed the bottom closed and made a liner with pink fabric. Using the same pink fabric, I made the straps and attached them to the bottom of the back side. I knew I wanted to use the belt loops to make it draw up to close, and I thought that making it look like a belt would be a fun idea. The bow can be untied and the straps can be lengthened to fit as she grows.

Back of backpack bagFront of Backpack bagI’ll update this post after her birthday with a picture of her using it.



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