Turning Scribbles into Art

So you think you can’t draw? Can you scribble?

Inspired by a guest artist, Päivi Eerola, on the Documented Life Project, I scribbled (aimless drawing) all over my paper with pencil. After looking at the scribbles for a while I began to see an image of fish in the ocean emerge and started coloring the shapes with colored pencil.


My 7 year old grandson looked at the drawings and watched a video by this guest artist, and gave it a try. He loves to draw in tiny details with pen or pencil and with little or no color. It was fun to see him enjoy some abstract drawing using her style of inspiration.


Last year for one of the documented life project challenges, I did something similar to this. I had my then 2 year old granddaughter “draw” something for me and I used it to make a picture. Here is what she drew for me:2-Yr-old-Drawing

And this is what I saw:


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