Using Embossing Folders in Gelatin Prints

I am always on the lookout for new tools I already have on hand around my house to use with printing on my gelatin plate. Recently I purchased a couple of embossing folders on sale though I don’t own an embossing machine, but I thought they might work with making designs in polymer clay. So I pulled them out to experiment with on my homemade gelatin plate.

Sometimes for a starting background on a gelatin print, I squirt a little acrylic paint onto the plate, spritz it with water, and smear it around with my finger, giving the pulled print almost a watercolor effect.


Then I used my brayer to roll paint onto one side of the embossing folder and lightly pressed the painted side of the folder onto the plate in several places.


Adding “embossed” layers in different colors gives a nice effect.


I’ve used stamps on gelatin prints before, but had never thought about embossing folders. They work quite well. Now I may have to invade my mom’s stash of embossing folders! (I promise to wash all the paint off.)


I love the three dimensional look on this next print! I used the other side of the embossing folder design.


You can also roll paint onto the gelatin plate and then use the embossing folder to press into the paint to remove part of the paint from the plate to make a design.


Wet paint on gelatin plate using embossing folder to remove paint.


And of course, you can use the embossing folder like a stamp to get leftover wet paint off the folder on another piece of paper.


Have you used embossing folders in your gelatin prints?







Using Embossing Folders in Gelatin Prints — 3 Comments

  1. I highly recommend that you create videos to show how you do such wonderful things with your Gelli plate prints.
    Beautiful work.

  2. Instead of getting paint all over the embossing folders, you could run some thick card stock through whatever tool you use the embossing folders on and then use the textured card stock on the gelli plate instead of the plastic folders. I’ve done this and it has several other advantages. First, the paper is more flexible, so you can be more precise about how much of the pattern goes where. Second, you can use either side of the pattern just by flipping the card stock over (positive and negative of the pattern). Third, cheap cheap cheap and you can pre-make all your patterns before you get all the painty stuff out, and have plenty to share with friends. Fourth (and the BEST advantage, I think), when your card stock is all painted from multiples layers of colors, it becomes art material you work with (makes excellent book covers) and you make some new ones for next time. Oh, and if you’re borrowing the embossing folders, they don’t get messy, so there’s no cleaning.

  3. hi again , l too uuse embossing folders like this. l ink them and print them into my dry prints. Gives a lovely effect. Thanks, love the pink ones!