Variations on a Theme {Textiles}

With my love of fabrics, appliqué, and embroidery, using textiles in my variations on a theme was the obvious next step in seeing how many ways I could use one photograph to inspire creative works. In case you missed the previous variations (and to see the original photo), read these posts:
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I designed a quilt block for the base of my design and then hand appliquéd the white flowers to the quilt block using embroidery thread and the blanket stitch. I also embroidered stems, additional flowers, and lines on the building. The colored buttons made wonderful centers for my flowers.

Since I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with the finished block, I only did the hand stitching on the one layer of fabric (without batting). Once I decided to make a wall hanging, I added the yellow and green fabrics to the sides, top, and bottom of the quilt block, layered the whole piece on batting and a backing fabric, and then hand quilted designs onto the yellow and green fabrics. If I were to do it again, I would have done the appliqué and embroidery through the batting and back fabric layer as well to give it a little more texture and stability. I finished off the edges with binding matching the back fabric layer and one of the window panes.



Now to figure out how to hang it… or maybe it’s just the right size for a sweet baby doll blanket for a granddaughter!


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