Wall Spackling as Texture in Mixed Media

For week 20 of the Documented Life Project, the art challenge was to use modeling paste on the page to add texture. I did not have any craft modeling paste, but I did have a small container of lightweight wall spackling paste (used to fill in nail holes, etc on walls) that I decided to try.

My inspiration for this page was a photo I took on the deck after a rain.


I used my finger to rub the spackling over a woodgrain design stencil onto the paper. After the spackling paste dried, I painted over it with acrylic paint and then lightly sanded the raised texture to give a weathered wood look.


For the leaf I painted with watercolors on watercolor paper, then cut out the leaf shape and glued it to the woodgrain.


The grandkids thought this project was one of the best. They enjoyed getting the spackling all over their fingers and using the various “tools” I gave them to make fun textures.


And here are their creations after painting.

Miss Tickles:


My Princess:


Ninja Boy:


Melinda’s creativity right now is focused on figuring out what they need and how to fit it into their RV, which will be their home full time for a while as they travel for their ministry. After she gets settled in, you will be seeing more posts from her again.

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