Washcloths in Space: Weekend Wonderings

Weekend Wonderings

I wonder what would happen to the water, if you get a washcloth very wet and wring it out?

Well, that’s not to hard to figure out! The water will fall out of the washcloth and onto the floor or into the sink, depending on where you do it! We all know how gravity affects things on earth and we have all rung water out of a washcloth before.

But what if that washcloth was being rung out in space where there was no gravity to affect it? Well, I’ve seen pictures of the astronauts in their space stations and things are floating all around them. So my answer would be that the water being rung out of the washcloth would just float around in drops around them. Is that what you think as well?

Some high school students had a Canadian astronaut try that very experiment. You may be very surprised to see what happens:

Did the water do what you thought it would?

Isn’t it fun to wonder (to be curious about something) and then find answers to your wondering?

Have a great weekend of wondering!

Washcloth in Space


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