Water Under the Bridge

Week 14 of the Documented Life Project started a new month’s theme of exploring inks and paints. The first art challenge was watercolors with the journal prompt being, “It’s water under the bridge.”


I kept it simple this time- just watercolor of a bridge and water.




I made mine a little more complicated. I think this is the longest I’ve spent working on one page. I used watercolor pencils, which I don’t have a lot of experience with yet. I was brainstorming page ideas, and “water under the bridge” made me think of forgiveness. I was searching on pinterest to see what would come up, and I saw the quote about drinking poison to kill someone else. I also saw this really cool picture of underneath a bridge in Paris. I decided to combine the two. I am just going to pour out my anger and let it be water under the bridge. (I am in no way condoning pollution. Please dump your poisons in an appropriate and safe manner.)



My Princess:


Ninja Boy:


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