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Today is an exciting day! Yes, it is April 1st. The day people get to say whatever they want and follow it up with “April Fool’s!” The day where people everywhere try to trick their friends and families with news that is untrue or with funny pranks. Today is the day where there’s a good chance if you announce something big, then no one will believe you. However, we are taking that risk and announcing our new adventure in the world of blogging and business!

We are excited to announce that we are making a dream become reality today. In a Tickle is our new blog/business/creative outlet where we share our creative lives with you and hopefully encourage you to embrace your own creativity. Check out the full explanation of our dream and our personal bios, Melinda and Jan, in the About Us pages.

We wanted to use this first post to tell you about our daily blog plan and what you can look forward to seeing at In a Tickle.

Real Me Monday

On Mondays, you can expect a Real Me Monday post where we will share a real moment from us. Reading blogs or magazines can often make us feel like we don’t have our lives all together like the people we follow, but every one of them has a life filled with ups and downs, mistakes and successes. It’s just that most often the successes are all we see. We want to share our best moments with you, but we all also want to share some of our failures. Sometimes you can learn the most when things don’t go as you hoped. We want to be real with you so you know that you are normal. Embrace mistakes and learn from them with us.

Transform it Tuesday

Transform it Tuesday will take an old or unused object or piece of clothing and turn it into something new and useful. Repurposing things we have into things we have been needing. Let’s take something ugly or blah and make something beautiful and creative. Helping our environment and our bank accounts!

Draw with me WednesdayWrite with me Wednesday

Draw with Me Wednesday and Write with Me Wednesday are the posts to get you involved. We will post a writing or drawing prompt that will get your creative juices flowing. They should only take minutes to complete and will often get your whole family involved.

Thoroughly Thrifty Thursday

On Thursdays you can expect to see Thoroughly Thrifty Thursday. We will be getting creative on how to get crafty without spending a lot of money. We can talk about deals that we have found and ways to use your supplies to their fullest potential. We can also talk about being thrifty with our time so that we don’t have any excuse about not having time to be creative.

Foody Friday

Foody Friday is the day we get to talk about food! Do you ever get tired of making the same things over and over? Maybe its time to get a little bit more creative with how you feed your family. We will share recipes or food facts that are nutritious and great for families. We’ll talk about creative ways to feed picky eaters or people with allergies (our family has a lot of experience with both of those).

Weekend Wonderings

Sometime during the weekend we will be posting something to inspire you, something to get you thinking, something to help you stop a moment and maybe spark a thought or idea for something creative in your life. We will be calling it Weekend Wonderings. Set aside a moment every weekend with us to fill your brain with some creative wondering.

We hope that you will continue on this journey with us to create, inspire, dream, and play. We are made in the image of a creative God, and that means you are creative too!

Melinda & Jan



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  1. This is really neat! Best of luck in your new adventures! Can’t wait to see where this takes you.