What to Do with Stained Shirts: Transform it Tuesday

Transform it Tuesday


When I was a young girl, I became a part of an exclusive club that my aunt created. It was the Spillers Club. I was constantly spilling on me and the things around me, and so I was dubbed “a spiller.” It was embarrassing, but thanks to my aunt, she helped me feel more normal, and I knew I wasn’t alone. She helped make it into something to celebrate instead of get embarrassed about.Spiller's Mug

It just so happens that we have added to the number in the spillers club, My Princess has joined the ranks. She is a star member for sure! Ever since she was a baby, she has been good at spilling her food, drinks, art supplies, etc. Because of this, I almost never buy anything white for her clothing. Every new shirt she gets quickly blends in with the rest of her shirts as being quite used.

This can be frustrating as clothing gets passed down to Miss Tickles. What do you do with stained shirts? How many getting muddy, play shirts does a kid need?

Stained Shirt

It’s hard to tell in the picture but there are small light brown spots all over the front of the shirt

There is a particular brand of shirt that I love for my girls. They are soft and stretchy, making them cozy and easy to put on. This pink shirt that once belonged to My Princess, is one of those kinds of shirts. I wanted to be able to pass it down to Miss Tickles, but I was bummed about the stains.

I was inspired by a sweatshirt that my grandma had on when she came over one day. She said she had gotten bleach stains on it so she used some cute butterfly fabric to cover them up. I had my “aha!” moment then.

Transformed cardigan sweater

The shirt on the right was a nice sweatshirt she got at a thrift store that the decoration was coming off on the front. She used the beautiful embroidery work from an old denim skirt she had in order to transform the front

Those little stains all over the shirt just needed to be covered! So I used some heat and bond to attach some flower cut outs from a cute fabric I had on hand. I used different stitches on each flower to attach them more securely onto the shirt and give them their own unique look.Transformed Shirt

Of course, the shirt needed something to match. My mother-in-law had bought a pair of shorts that were a little too short for Miss Tickles cloth diaper bum, but the sparkly button was so cute on them that I wanted to figure out a way to still use them.Jeans Shorts

I cut off the cute little ruffle and rolled them up, sewed the bottom, and made them into flowers for some kind of hair thing.Removing Ruffle on shortsJean Ruffled Flowers

I made a ruffle using the same fabric that I used for the shirt and attached it to the bottom of what was the shorts to make a skirt. Then to finish it off, I made a headband with the jean ruffle flowers I started with!Finished Transformed Shirt and Jean Skirt and Headband


Miss Tickles in her new outfit

Unfortunately, she hates the headband and immediately took it off after taking pictures. Oh well.

Stained shirts don’t have to just be play shirts if you can cover them up with some cute fabric. Now she has a cute little church outfit that looks good as new!


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