10 Ways to be Creative When You Have No Energy

We know that everybody that reads our blog is in a different situation and coming to creativity from a different place. Some are ready to jump right in and some have a hard time balancing creativity with time, their energy, and their thoughts on their abilities. Mom and I have been at each of those places at some point in our lives. Currently, I have been experiencing one myself. I am not immune to it either.

We found out several weeks ago that my family is expecting another baby in June. We are so excited, and unfortunately, I have gotten sick in the first trimester with every kid. This one has not been the exception. I’ll be 10 weeks tomorrow so I’m hoping to start having more good days than bad as I approach the second trimester. In the meantime, I have struggled with the energy and ideas for creativity. I have relied heavily on mom for many of the blog posts in the last few weeks. Because of this, I have been thinking about our readers who have their own life events happening that might prevent them from feeling on top of creativity.

I want to encourage you to find a way to push through to keep creativity a part of your every day life no matter how much energy you have. So, here are some ways that I have tried to keep myself having some creativity while I have been stuck to the couch the last little while as well as some other ideas mom and I came up with.10 Ways to be Creative When You Have No Energy

10 Ways to be Creative when You Have No Energy

1. Read

I have been reading books a lot lately to keep myself from just laying around creeping social media. I know that reading is better for my mind than mindless internet browsing. Reading will keep you in a more creative mindset. The internet isn’t completely useless either though, if you are going to do some internet browsing stick to creative sites that encourage you but don’t make you feel like you are failing.

2. Handwork

Do some form of handstitching, crocheting, or knitting etc. while you veg on the couch watching tv instead of just sitting there. You can still rest, but you can accomplish a creative task as well. I just made a cowl for my daughter because she needed one for winter, and I worked on it when we watched shows.knitted cowl

3. Journal

If you like to write, but you haven’t felt like you had the energy or motivation to be creative with your writing, keep a journal. Even just writing about your day can either spark something in you for more or at the least help keep yourself in the habit of writing often.

4.  Doodle

Keep a piece of paper or notebook handy and just doodle. Don’t feel like you have to draw something that is wall-worthy, just get your hand moving and get the pictures out of your head and on to a paper.

5. Listen

Music, podcasts, speeches, sermons. Listen to something that inspires you. If you play music, play something that is easy for you and just listen as you play. Maybe it will spark something new in you, and maybe it will just be soothing.

6. Cook

Everybody has to eat at some point. Instead of eating out or making the same old thing, find one new recipe or add a new ingredient to your regular fair. Put it on pretty plates instead of leaving the food in the pot. Do something that will bring creativity to your meal.

7. Accessorize

When you get dressed in the morning, put on clothes in a different combination than you ever have. Wear that shirt with that pair of pants, even if you have never worn it that way before. Wear colors that you might not think to put together. Don’t worry so much about matching for just one day.

8. Watch

If you are going to sit and watch tv, stay clear of the reality shows and sitcoms and watch a documentary style show. Watch How it’s Made, Mythbusters, a history documentary, a cooking show, etc. Watch something that will encourage you to think creatively rather than just waste time.

9. Talk

Talk to people who are being creative. Instead of letting it make you feel like a failure, let it inspire you to try something. You may not have the energy to do all they are doing, but their excitement and ideas can rub off on you and help you see what you do have the energy for.

10. Start

Sometimes you just have to get started. Choose a project and do it even if you don’t feel like it. Have a purpose. Have a deadline. Take the time even if it’s a little bit every day to do something creative. One of the best ways I find for motivating me is deciding on a gift for a birthday or Christmas. I have a purpose and a deadline to get it done, which can be helpful to motivate even when you feel like there’s no energy.

What creative things have you done in the midst of your energy slump? What can you do to be creative even if you don’t feel like you have the energy?

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