Creative Christmas: The Gift of Giving

Merry Creative Christmas

A lot of people are more thoughtful about giving to others this time of year. We are getting presents for our loved ones. And gifts have become a huge part of the Christmas season. While it is fun to receive gifts, there is nothing like the feeling of giving to someone else.

We want to encourage you to use your creativity to bring joy to someone else this season. There are so many opportunities this time a year to give to someone in need. Opportunities are all around us. We just have to stop and take the time to acknowledge it.

Use whatever skills you may have…

1. Give coins to Salvation Army when you go to the store or sponsor a child who wouldn’t otherwise get Christmas presents.

2. Bake a treat or dinner for a neighbor or family in need, someone who is sick, or new mom that just had a baby.

3. Go visit a nursing home and sing a song, read a poem, or hand out homemade Christmas Cards.

Nursing Home Visit

Ninja Boy went with his Royal Rangers group to give paper snowflakes and sing to the the residents.

4. Offer to take Christmas Family photos for a family who can’t afford it.

5. Sew blankets or stuffed animals for a family in need.

6. Crochet or knit hats and scarves for homeless people in your area.

7. Instead of gifts, draw names for each family member and give to the charity of their choice.

8. Give someone something nice that was special to you that you already own but no longer need or use (my parent’s gave Ninja Boy a camera for his birthday that they didn’t use anymore. I gave my niece a play tea set because we had an extra one. I gave My Princess an updated version of my sewing basket.  Etc.)

9. Make and give homemade gift cards for a special activity, service, or experience. (babysitting, spending time together doing a project or hobby [card making for example], cleaning, running errands for someone, etc.)

10. Teach someone to do something you know how to do (tech related, painting, sewing, etc).


There are so many ways to give to others this time a year. It’s not about what you get. It’s about family, community, and thinking of others. Find ways to be creative and use your creativity for someone else this season.

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