Documented Life Project- Week 38

The art challenge for week 38 in the Documented Life Project was: “Draw, paint, doodle, sketch a feather onto your page.  Don’t draw, paint, doodle or sketch?  Incorporate a real feather onto your page!  Get creative and have fun!”

When we were at the North Shore of Minnesota I took a picture of a feather on the rocks one morning. I loved the way it looked with the droplets of water on the feather.FeatherSo I painted a picture of this feather with watercolors for this challenge.Watercolor feather


I have enjoyed sketching lately, but I have mostly used graphite pencils. I wanted to try using color this time. When I saw the challenge, I thought about the masquerade masks I have seen. I used pinterest as my inspiration to find one to draw.

Pinned Feather PicDLP Week 38 M Feather


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