Documented Life Project- Week 50

The art challenge for week 50 of the Documented Life Project was: “Pick a fantasy vacation spot and make a packing list. Money is NO object!”

My husband’s dream for years is to go to Tahiti. That’s fine with me because I love the beach, clear blue ocean water, and the idea of staying in a bungalow over the water. Sounds so relaxing! Since this challenge says that money is no object, first on my packing list is to take all of my kids and grandkids along with us. Then all I need is my camera, swimsuit, good book for the airplane ride, and a sketch pad for those creative inspirations. Since money isn’t a problem, we can buy everything else we need there. See that empty hammock in the upper left side– that’s for me while my husband and those of my kids that are divers are under the sea. I read that there are 118 islands in Tahiti…Guess we will have to study up on which island we want to go visit!  For this challenge I chose to keep it simple and cut out magazine pictures to make a collage with a little doodling on some of the words.




I saw mom had used magazine for her page and thought that I would copy her this time! I had a few magazines laying around that I needed to either recycle or do something with. After our vacation with the girls of the family this summer, all I could think of for a great vacation was spending time at a relaxing lakeside cabin with my family. We would eat and play and have no other responsibilities but have fun and enjoy being together. I would love to go back to Minnesota, but I have always thought it would be cool to go to Maine since I have never been there.



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