Frame Him {Boys Week}

My Hubby just recently started working from home. As of right now he doesn’t have an official office space in the house. However, he does have plans to work out something that he can call his own.

When he was in our craft room at mom’s not long ago, he saw our wall of repurposed frames that we turned into memo boards and asked if we could come up with some like that for him. . .only more manly.

Finished Frames

Our frames are on the wall but this pic is before they made it up

Since {Boys Week} was coming up, I thought it was a perfect motivation to redo some more old frames for him.

I had him pick out some sheets of scrapbook paper that he thought was more manly (since so many we have are definitely more girl-friendly styles). He picked out a couple papers that instantly made me think Doctor Who, and if you haven’t checked out that show yet, do. (It’s available on Netflix. Start with the 2005 reboot, and you have to watch to at least episode 9 before you have an opinion about it. If it’s still negative after watching episode 9 and 10, then there is no hope for you.)

I started off by painting the frame Tardis blue.

Painting Frame

Pin feet for painting frame

I used thumbtacks on the back to keep the frame from sticking to my scrap paper.

I had quite the creative block after that. How much should I put on it? Should I make it look like a Tardis? Just decorate it with a bunch of Doctor Who references?

Suddenly, it struck me–minimalist.

I love minimalist artwork, and I knew My Hubby did too. So I decided that each frame I made him would be a shout out to a different geekdom that he is into.

Shout out to Doctor Who–The 11th Doctor

Dr Who Memo Board Frame

Shout out to Ninja Turtles (the original series, thank you)–Michelangelo

Ninja Turtle Memo Board Frame

Shout out to Star Wars–Yoda

Yoda Memo Board frame

Shout out to Superman–Man of Steel version

Superman Memo Board frame

Materials I used were acrylic paint for the frames, scrapbook paper, scissors, glue tape, sponge and paint to detail the paper (Superman), and fabric (Star Wars).

It can be hard at times to think about the boys when creating, but it is so doable. It can also be extremely rewarding, because if they aren’t used to you making things for them, they will be so grateful. My Hubby saw the frames and thought I was an absolute genius. In his words, they were “the best things you’ve ever made.”

Geek Hero Frame Memo Boards

Make something for a boy in your life. They will think you are awesome.



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