Variations on a Theme {Gelatin Plate Prints}

I am having fun seeing how many different creative expressions one photo can inspire in me by using different mediums and techniques. In the previous post I showed you some watercolor pictures inspired by this photo I took:


I moved on to making monoprints with my homemade gelatin plate based on the theme of that photo. I drew and cut a stencil and masks out of cardstock to use for my daisies and window frame.


After pulling many prints, these are ones I liked the best.






Since I never throw away any gelatin printed papers (even ones I don’t like) I decided to make a collage from old prints. I first sorted through my pile of prints setting aside pieces that had colors and textures I thought would work in a collage. From those I chose parts and pieces that fit my desired outcome and started cutting and pasting. I finished it off with some shading with a colored pencil. Part of the window frame in this collage was a ghost print taken while working on the prints above.


I’m not finished yet with seeing how many variations I can come up with from my original photo. I challenge you, too, to find a photo you like and see how many ways you can create based on that photo.


Variations on a Theme {Gelatin Plate Prints} — 4 Comments

  1. they all look great, love the bottom one espesh….and inspired me to try it! thanks x