Back to School: Transform It Today! {Part 4}

This week we are concentrating on various ways to transform a simple shirt for back to school clothes. Today let’s start with a plain red shirt.Original Red ShirtFind some coordinating cotton print fabrics that will look nice with the red shirt fabric. Cut circles of three graduating sizes from the fabrics. (I used the top and bottom of a juice glass for a template for the two larger circles and a small spool of thread for the smallest circle.) Lay out the circles in various combinations of three circles in each pile. Find assorted buttons from your button jar for the center of the circles.Circle Flowers and buttonsArrange the piles of circles on the shirt where you want them and pin the circles in place. Set the buttons aside for later. Sew a zig-zag stitch around the edge of the smallest fabric circle in each pile to attach to the shirt. Then sew each button in place by hand in the center of each circle pile. Transformed shirtNow toss the shirt into the washer and dryer. The edges of the circles will fray and curl up a little. That’s ok. You now have a beautiful bouquet of flowers on your shirt!Flowers after washingClose up fabric flowers on shirtGot a shirt that needs some new life? Use your fabric scraps and buttons and transform them into a bouquet of flowers for the shirt! It’s quick and easy to do and you can use all different types of fabrics for your flowers. If you don’t have yardage fabric available, perhaps you have another garment in your closet that you no longer want from which you can cut pieces of fabric for flowers. Or head to the thrift store or garage sales for garments which can become your fabric scraps. Be creative!

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