Back to School: Transform It Today! {Part 6}

Today is the last day of our special week of inspiring you to transform clothing for back to school. On Monday we showed you a shirt that was transformed with a screen printed butterfly applique from another shirt as well as some stamped flowers with fabric paint. On Tuesday and Wednesday, machine embroidered appliques were taken from shirts that were not only outgrown but badly stained, and sewn onto other shirts, one with additional lace embellishments. Thursday, we headed in a different direction and added some unique fabric flowers to a plain shirt. On Friday, we showed you a way to transform a shirt with embroidery.

Today’s transformation started with a very badly stained shirt. Stains on shirtIt seemed a shame to throw away a shirt with such a cute design. We thought about cutting out the screen printed design at the bottom of the shirt, since it seemed to have escaped the permanent stains.Stained ShirtSo before cutting up the shirt, I decided to play around with painting on it. I wasn’t going to paint any of the printed design at the bottom, so if it didn’t work out, we could still salvage that part. Why not give it a try? I used fabric paints and here’s what I did.Transformed shirtMiss Tickles likes it!Miss Tickles likes her transformed shirtMiss Tickles Transformed shirtI realize that she is not ready to head back to school, but this was to give you an idea to try painting on clothing for any age. If you have a shirt that you are not sure you want to keep, let it be a canvas on which you can paint. On the one hand, so what if doesn’t turn out? You weren’t planning to keep it anyway and it gave you an opportunity to create. On the other hand, you just might be surprised with what you create and have a new transformed garment! Be brave and have fun creating!

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